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Beginner’s Guide: How to Learn Web Designing at Home

Web design is quite complex and daunting, but with the development of Internet and technology, web design overflow than ever before nowadays. Hence, becoming a web designer has become the main trend among young designers. Today, I will guide you about how to learn web design at home briefly.
1. First, you should know about what is web design? Visual+interaction=web design core Many young designers often misunderstand the concept of web design, web design is about design, not about coding and front-end development. Of course, it would be great if you know some coding language (HTML, CSS, Java), but you can't get yourself deep into front-end development, that's not the core of web design. Web design is to solve the communication problems between users and web page information.
2. 9 web design skills young designer should master Master the basic rules of visual design
To learn the layout design
To learn the color principles
To master the basic knowledge of interaction design
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Top 6 Golden Principles for Web App Design Patterns in 2017

You may wonder what design patterns are? Well, they are various in form and widely applied in design practice. To use web app design patterns is an irresistible trend and a compulsory course in UX design 2017. With the popularity of smartphones and the development of new technologies, users’ expectations have become higher than ever and it’s not that easy to make a good design with design patterns.
Below we’ll explain why and how to use design patterns, focusing on the best web app design patterns and principles involved. Hopefully, it could give you a new way of thinking when designing web applications.
What Are Design Patterns? In short, design patterns are a collection of interface elements that are familiar to users and reusable in many design problems. It should be implementable and easy-to-use to make it well-accepted. A good design pattern can help make your design better without extra efforts, while a bad design pattern can even discourage users and push them to your competit…

5 Questions Your Mobile App Homepage Design Needs to Answer

If you compare mobile app to a human, the homepage would be the face. The homepage is the area that people notice at the first glance and decide their basic judgments about your mobile app. The mobile app homepage design is the door to a successful product, and a good start is half the battle.
Since 26 percent of mobile apps are used just once, the first impression is essential to tell your customers that you are worthwhile being used for a long time. If you can’t please the eyes of critical users on the homepage and provide a good user experience, your mobile app has already failed. Therefore, if you want to create a good user experience design on the app homepage and draw the users’ attention, you need to answer these questions:
Question 1: Who are you?
Users firstly see the interface, and then the content. At this stage, a good design, which is in line with the brand and has a rich content, will give your users a deep impression. Every mobile homepage needs a logo right at the top…

Best Practices of 6 Essential Principles for Web Form Design

We see a variety of web form design almost every day for logging in or give information to acquire service or publish content. However, the process of filling out forms is often not so pleasant. We spend the time to enter information, click submission and then we may have to wait for an audit. Especially for relatively complex and long process forms, the poor user experience is easy to frustrate users and make them end up giving up.
How to improve the efficiency of filling out forms and prevent users from mistakes or lost half way? This article sums up the following methods:
1. Convincing users to fill out effectively:

First, build great forms to tell users the reason to fill them out. What can they get? Let users see the benefits of giving you the information. For example, Github tells you clearly what kind of help will you get on the right side of its registration web form design.
In addition, you can be more specific to tell users your consideration of letting them fill out a part…

Design Mistake: You Are Still Using Website Carousel?

Website carousel, an interactive way, seems to be commonplace in the web era. When a group of people is competing for the priority of the focus picture on the homepage, it seems that using carousels can solve this dispute effortlessly and hence no one loses. However, is this really an effective way? How to design to give users a better experience?
You should take carousel usability into consideration. In fact, the click-through rate and conversion rate of a website carousel are usually low. However, it occupies the vast eye-catching place on the page. Imagine such a scene: when you go to the library to find a specific book to read, a salesman stays in front of you and asks you to look at a large advertising map first; however, he switches to another advertising map before you finish reading the contents on the first one. He is annoying, isn’t he? So it is in most of the design of carousels.
1. Make sure you really need to use a carousel
First, an improperly designed carousel tends to…

Best Long Web Form Design Practices and Principles to Follow in 2017

As is known, the long web form design is not well-accepted especially in the conventional wisdom of web design, and it is kind of notorious for hurting the site conversion rates. However, it does help to grab users’ attentions and bring the exact type of conversion by telling the whole story behind the scene. As a web designer, you also need to consider more than the basic design skills, including the user experience, algorithms, coding and so on.
The goal of web form design and development is to deliver users smooth and hassle-free experience from the form-filling through to the final submission process. Almost each site presents an individual form style, from simple and straightforward forms to fancy and creative ones. To design better forms is not that difficult. No matter it’s a registration form, contact form or any other forms, just keep in mind that the purpose of a form is to gain the attention of users and meanwhile guide them when filling in the information.
Here, we will i…